Cultural practices

We are certified organic culture since 2012.

Why organic culture?

Above all to protect the health of those who work in the vineyard and live in the neighbourhood.

Furthermore, vine diseases develop more and more resistance towards the conventional products. They are thus less and less effective against the diseases. The active molecules used are thus more and more powerfull and used in strong concentration.

Finally, the organic culture implies more work but allows a better maturation of berries and avoids pesticide residues in the wine. Indeed, the organic culture only authorizes copper as fungicide to fight against the diseases. But the copper is a contact product, it does not penetrate into the plant. Its action is thus less powerful and it is washed when it rains. So, to be effective against the diseases, we have to prevent the vine from beeing too strong and have to allow a good air circulation within the plant to limit humidity. It is a lot of work : thinning-out of leaves, épamprage, dédoublage, and green harvest. But when the vigour of the vine is mastered the berries concentration is more important and air circulation allows a better maturation. The last treatments are realized in August. So during the harvest, in October, the copper has been completely washed and contrary to the penetrating phytosanitary products used in conventional agriculture we find no residues in the wine.




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