Our wines

We hope that you will take as much pleasure to taste these wine that we had to make them.

Le Chateau du Cayrou

90% Malbec, 10% Merlot. After a maceration of about twenty days, the wine is aged during 12 months. A part without wood to leave the intact expression of the fruit. A part in barrels of one year or two years to round off the structure. The pleasure is immediate.8€

La Tour du Cayrou

95% Malbec, 5% Merlot. After a maceration of 30 days, the wine is aged 18 to 24 months in new barrels or of one year. The fruit is always very present but accompanied with the sweetness and with the fat brought by the wood. Can be savoured now but can also be forgoten in your cellar.10.50€

Le Grand Vin du Cayrou

100% Malbec.Stemming from our best plot of land, the maceration is of more than 30 days followed by an aging of 18 to 24 months in new barrels. Very beautiful balance between tannic structure and freshness of the fruit.The production is only 5000 bottles.17€




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